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How do I increase my daily limit?

To protect your security when transferring funds and paying bills online, you are required to set a Daily Limit on your account. A Daily Limit applies to transfers via Pay Anyone, BPAY® and Batch Payments, and is the maximum amount you can transfer from your accounts online within a 24 hour period.

If you’re a new customer, your Daily Amount is automatically set to $5,000. If you want to change this amount you can do so via Online Banking. To do so, log in, then:

Click on ‘My Profile’
Select the ‘Limits’ tab
Select ‘Actions’ then ‘Edit’
Select/enter your new preferred limit
You will receive an SMS authentication
Select ‘Help’ on the ‘Daily Limit’ page for more information

You can also find this information on the Getting Started section of the internet banking home page located here

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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